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Jazz Workout


Video Description

The Jazz Workout is the exciting new exercise DVD which is also an introduction to jazz dancing! Ann Combes, a dance instructor for over 10 years, leads a class that helps beginners develop a routine and paces accomplished dancers through their workouts. The workout is divided into a warm-up section, floor progressions and dance combinations. The warm-up session stretches, flexes and strengthens your legs, stomach and thighs to prevent muscle pulls. You are then introduced to a variety of jazz steps which are later incorporated into a jazz dance. You can progress at your own pace to get the most enjoyment from your exercise.

Regular and frequent use of The Jazz Workout will strengthen and shape the legs and total body, as well as increase flexibility. You will also gain a sense of accomplishment from learning new dance skills and will improve your social dance abilities as you get into shape. This DVD not only provides a fun and upbeat workout but also teaches fundamental jazz steps. What better way to exercise than by dancing your way into shape?


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Jazz Workout
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